miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013


Invasive plants Stop with You!

Furcraea foetida en KwaZulu-Natal (Sud África)

The problem of invasive alien plants rests with us all—from national government
whose responsibility it is to promulgate and enforce laws, and to provide management
strategies for implementation by provincial and local government authorities; to importers,
growers and sellers of plants who should only deal with non-invasive plants,
and ultimately all landowners who are the custodians of the land—whether it be a pocketsized
urban garden or a vast farm or reserve.
The problem of alien plant invasion in South Africa is exacerbated by failures to
meet responsibilities at all levels, and that includes government. National government
has failed to implement regulations on invasive species under the National Environmental:
Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) which was promulgated in 2004. These delays have
also delayed the revision of the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (CARA). Enforcement
of laws is, and has always been, inadequate or totally lacking.

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